Are you working on an advertisement, a computer game, a video or even a film or TV production? We have the music that fits! Our synch catalogue includes various genres and moods. Most music is "one-stop" licensable and "easy to clear". We assist you in finding exactly the music you do have in mind for your project and if we don't have it in our catalogue, we can usually get it for you without any further problems. We also work with a network of professional composers who can create unique pieces of music to your individual brief. We work with experts in the field - both on the artist and music supervisor side. Thanks to our network, which has grown over the years, and our clear catalogue, we can respond to your individual requests at short notice.

Featured placements...

Nicaragua: Von Wasser und Vulkanen

Doku, ARTE
Music title: Strom
Artist: Pischinger & Dermota
Composer: Julian Dermota

Anita Procrastinova

Short movie, F 2020, Director: Paul Chaumont and Claude Pernon
Soundtrack production: Silvan Harker
Original composition: Silvan Harker


Short movie, AT 2016, Director: Tamás Kiss
Soundtrack production: Pischinger & Dermota
Original composition: Julian Dermota