Are you a songwriter or composer? The daily administrative tasks are really not your thing? Would you like to network with other songwriters and are you interested in songwriting camps or commissioned work? Become a part of Dachshund Music and gain a small music family! Because we are connected to each other and exchange ideas on a regular basis. This often happens without us even having to do anything. And we think that's just great.

What we can do for you

  • Managing your copyrights
  • Worldwide accounting of your royalties
  • Active song pitching
  • Writing sessions and camps
  • Synch licensing for film, television, advertising and computer games
  • Support and administration (registration and claiming with collecting societies)
  • Networking with other writers

What we promise you

  • Clearly understandable agreements, which are always individually adapted
  • We keep you up to date
  • Inspiring cooperation
  • Regular exchange
  • Transparent and comprehensible accounting